AUTHOR: Celeste C. Moya

Affluent individuals who can afford life insurance premiums but prefer not to liquidate assets or redirect cash flow to pay them, need to know about premium finance. So do advisors who want to help them make informed life insurance decisions. Let’s say your client is a successful business owner, family estate owner, and investor, and […]

AUTHOR: Todd S. Healy

The Origin of Our Client Continuity Merger When Texas Financial Partners came together in 2015, we came up with a model that emphasized continuity of service. We called it a client continuity merger, and as far as we know, it’s never been done before. When I entered the life insurance business nearly four decades ago, […]

AUTHOR: Jay F. Wheless

The phrase “Family Business” can conjure up various images.  One may be an image of multiple generations of family members working happily together to provide income and a sense of security for the entire family.  Each family member uses his or her skills and abilities to successfully run a business enterprise which they are all […]

AUTHOR: Carolyn J. Smith

We’ve got the Traditionalists, the Baby Boomers, Generation X, and the Millennials — four generations all in adulthood. And there’s a start-up generation ten years old called Generation Z that is yet to be defined. For the first time in history, five very different points of view are bumping up against each other with different […]

AUTHOR: A. R. “Buddy” Dike

PartnersFinancial was founded in 1987 by an elite group of farsighted life insurance advisors, including two principals of Texas Financial Partners, Todd Healy and myself. The goal was to unite a national client-focused community of select, independent life insurance members dedicated to exceptionally high client relationship standards and premiere client service. As Chairman of the […]

AUTHOR: A. R. “Buddy” Dike

IdeaTransfer interviews Buddy Dike on the evolution of the insurance industry, client service in the future and moving forward with Texas Financial Partners. Buddy Dike Founder, Texas Financial Partners Founder, The Dike Company IT. Buddy, your perspective on the insurance industry covers nearly six decades of change. Describe the most important turning points for your business. […]

AUTHOR: Gary W. Stallard

IdeaTransfer interviews Gary Stallard on the relationship between client and advisor, the importance of objectivity and the reaction to Texas Financial Partners. Gary Stallard  Founder, Texas Financial Partners Founder, Stallard Financial Services  IT. Clients often describe relationships with trusted advisors in terms of peace of mind. What does the relationship mean from your side? Gary. […]

AUTHOR: W. P. Richardson

Part One. Why should these survey results lead us to conclude that family-owned businesses are in trouble?  According to a 2010 research report on family business issued by the University of Vermont Business School, the average lifespan of a US family-owned business is 24 years. Business Week reported a year later that 40% of family-owned […]

AUTHOR: H. Gray Mills

IdeaTransfer interviews Gray Mills on founding and growing his firm, learning the life insurance business and his future with Texas Financial Partners. Gray Mills Founder, Texas Financial Partners Founder, Mills Financial Group IT. Tell us how you founded and grew your firm. Over the years, what do you think your clients have appreciated most from […]

AUTHOR: W. P. Richardson

IdeaTransfer interviews W. P. Richardson on family run businesses, generational conflict and the expectations of Texas Financial Partners. W.P. Richardson Founder, Texas Financial Partners Whitley Penn Financial Services IT. Most of your clients are privately owned businesses. What led you to focus in that area? WP. I came from a third generation family business. My […]

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