About Us

TFP was founded by a group of independent advisors with a common interest—to help clients preserve family wealth and business success by offering life insurance as a planning tool, guided by deep expertise.


Our clients’ best interests are our top priority, and our independence to work with numerous life insurance companies allows us to approach life insurance from a product-neutral, client-first perspective. There are suitability and performance factors to life insurance product selection that far exceed price in importance to overall value, and familiarity with all life insurance options is essential.


Our strong relationships with insurance carriers is driven by putting the clients’ needs first. Through our excellent performance and expertise, we have earned dedicated resources, favorable underwriting, and input into product development, negotiated from the clients’ side of the table.

Within the greater life insurance community, our commitment, participation, and leadership with the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting (AALU) has achieved significant protections for policyholders against recurring government challenges to the legislative and regulatory treatment of life insurance used for wealth transfer and business longevity. Through AALU, we engage with members of Congress and the Executive Branch, as well as highly placed bureaucrats and lobbyists, on behalf of our clients and our industry.


At TFP, we are constantly evolving to serve our clients better as economic, financial, and tax environments change over time. Our clients’ desire to transfer assets across generations efficiently will never change, but the most beneficial way to accomplish that goal will. Wealth transfer and business continuation remain focal, but to them we’ve added new uses of life insurance in philanthropic planning and a broadening international clientele. We are always looking for innovative ways to maximize our clients’ legacies.

Our years of industry leadership have earned us countless peers and long-time friends. Our clients benefit from our collective brain trust. Many times each year, we join forces to exchange knowledge and experience, meeting in private study groups, producer group conferences, and national associations like the Forum 400. We also stretch our research with accountants, attorneys, bankers, and trust officers by participating in groups like estate planning councils, the Society for Financial Service Providers, and Advisors in Philanthropy.

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