TFP Team Walks in 2018 Komen Race for the Cure to Fight Cancer and Support Team Member Malinda Perryman

Malinda Perryman poses with the Dallas Stars’ mascot, Victor E. Green.

Members of the Texas Financial Partners family walked in the recent 2018 Komen Dallas Race for the Cure in support of Malinda Perryman, a TFP member who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. It was a moving and inspirational day, and we had impressive staff participation. Nine members of the TFP team came out to support Malinda and those fighting cancer everywhere, and we raised $2,463 in the fight for the cure. This was our first time to support the race and we were thrilled to come in 13th on the Top Corporate Sponsors leaderboard.

Malinda was diagnosed in January 2018, and we are heartened and warmed by the support the TFP family has shown her. TFP recently committed to do its part in the fight against cancer, and our participation in the Race for the Cure was part of that commitment. “I am incredibly proud of how my group has rallied behind Malinda since the very beginning of her diagnosis,” said TFP co-founder Todd S. Healy.

Other members of the TFP team were equally moved by the event. “I truly enjoyed sharing this experience with Malinda and the team,” noted Lisa Brown. “Seeing the joy on Malinda’s face as she crossed the finish line—truly an experience I will never forget!”

From left to right, Rebecca Bates, Kristi Kerr Leonard, Jennifer Perryman, Malinda Perryman, Suszanne Mutua, Lindsey Brown, and Lisa Brown.

Suszanne Mutua and Malinda Perryman wear their Komen “back signs” celebrating the cancer survivors close to each of them.

TFP staffer Suszanne Mutua commented that “Malinda has been my show of courage for the year 2018! Her strength, faith and endless will to fight has been incredible. I walked because I am so very proud to support Malinda and to race for the cure!”

Team member Rebecca Bates reflected on the experience of being part of a larger cause. “Seeing the happiness in Malinda’s eyes that we were together in a common goal to support those currently battling cancer, those that are in remission, and those that have passed. It was truly inspiring to see everyone together – whatever their situation.”

The support of her TFP family made a substantial impact on Malinda. “When I received the call in January that the results were positive for breast cancer, my work family was the first to know,” she said. “They have supported me since day one through prayer, words of encouragement, and many other ways. I had completed radiation the week before the race and it was a great opportunity to celebrate with everyone.”

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Since 1982, Susan G. Komen for the Cure has funded cancer research, education, screening, and treatment, and offered resources to cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones. Texas Financial Partners encourages you to help us fight cancer by making a donation here.

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